Clea Dilution Control Filling Station

Clea Filling Station, Dilution Control Mixing Center

Item #: CL49760

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Clea's Filling Station dilutes the proper amount of product for use in trigger spray bottles or buckets. The Filling Station conveniently mounts on to the wall and dispenses Clea Disinfectant Cleaner and Clea All Facility Cleaner at two different cleaning strength dilutions. To dispense cleaner simply dial product and pull the trigger, no buttons to push, refills to switch, or hoses to connect. Product dispenses through an attached 7ft hose at a fast speed of 4GPM, long hose can reach out of closets to fill automatic scrubbers. Easy one-handed operation and remote activation keep your closet organized and make using the filling station easy. (4.5(W) x 10(H))

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