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Bathroom Supplies Galore

There’s no shortage of high-quality commercial bathroom supplies at Unisan. Take advantage of our disinfectant sprayers and misting machines that help sanitize fixtures, floors, and walls, and use our odor-control dispensing solutions to help keep your restroom smelling fresh all day. Promote hygiene and help reduce germs from spreading with one of our hands-free paper towel dispensers, and use our commercial toilet paper dispensers to help protect your bathroom tissue from germs, dust, and splashes. Our other must-have bathroom supplies include seat cover dispensers for avoiding viruses and bacteria on restroom seats, as well as soap and hand sanitizer dispensers. Show your workers and guests that using a public restroom can be a pleasant experience by shopping at Unisan today!

Unisan: Your Cleaning Supply Source

At Unisan, we aren’t your average provider of cleaning supplies. We got our start in 1993 when a mechanic purchased a large number of hand cleaners, began distributing them himself, and grew his distribution business exponentially. That mechanic’s son, Ron Markham, is Unisan’s CEO today.

We’re honored to have met many businesses’ needs in various industries during the past three decades. Our sanitary equipment and supplies have helped companies in hospitality, food processing, the medical field, and more. Our consistent quality isn’t the only reason customers partner with us: They also love our friendly customer service. Create an account and order grade-A bulk cleaning supplies now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are disinfectant sprayers necessary bathroom supplies for commercial businesses?

These disinfectant sprays are essential for helping business owners decrease their employees’ and customers’ exposure to illness-causing viruses. Spraying devices are generally more effective than traditional spray bottles since they can more quickly cover more ground. Use one of these sprayers to minimize how long your restroom is unavailable. Businesses are also encouraged to use these devices to quickly sanitize their restrooms in situations involving confirmed COVID cases. Employers additionally use disinfectant sprayers to easily clean surfaces that may be challenging to access by hand

2. Why are toilet dispensers must-have commercial bathroom supplies?

These dispensers can help your company meet the Americans with Disabilities Act’s accessibility requirements for commercial restrooms by making your toilet paper easy to access from your toilets. Use these dispensers to also secure your toilet paper, preventing it from being misused or stolen. The dispensers can furthermore save your establishment money and time and decrease waste by producing the proper toilet paper amount for every user. This may help prevent your toilet paper from running out too soon.

3. Why are hands-free commercial paper towel dispensers better than air dryers?

An air dryer may blow droplets of water on your guests’ and workers’ hands into the atmosphere and on bathroom surfaces, like sinks. These droplets may contain viruses and bacteria. Paper towels may also remove more bacteria than air dryers following handwashing. This is why even the WHO suggests using paper towels over air dryers in healthcare facilities.