As a complete facility resource for over 20 years, our supply consultants consider how your facility resources work together, to make your life easier by streamlining operations & cost efficiency.


We offer solutions to drastically cut down on water and raw material consumption in addition to offering the leanest, green cleaning products and supplies. We love finding opportunities to cut waste and add savings.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we work hard to make that responsibility easier on you. Whether it’s safety mats or hard hats, the facility supply consultants at Unisan have got you covered.

About Unisan


We are a customer care company that strives to help our clients achieve healthier and safer working environments by offering personalized service, facility supplies, inventory management, automated fulfillment, fast delivery, educational opportunities & unmatchable resource options.

What We Do

We sell peace of mind in the form of safety supplies, hygiene solutions & facility consultations. With over 20 years in the global marketplace, we are inspired by international best practices & motivated by our ability to help local business thrive in a customized, conscientious and efficient manner.

Why Us?

The cleverness of our consultants is matched only by the efficiency of our service representatives. We strive to be the only facility resource you’ll ever need by maintaining a proactive relationship. Because your best interest is our only interest, our consulting services are always free of charge.

At Unisan, we help our clients achieve healthier and safer working environments.


Touchless fixtures decrease waste, increase raw material savings, and improve hygiene.


Our support team will ensure never out, just in time supplies and products.


At Unisan, sustainability is a company responsibility and a business offering.


Here at Unisan, we adhere to international best practices with local expertise.