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The Leading Supplier of Industrial Cleaning Supplies and Facility Equipment in Los Angeles

Unisan is a family-owned and operated facility supply company based in Los Angeles. Operating since 1993, we started off distributing low-volume industrial cleaning supplies, like hand soap, to local businesses. We have since grown into a fully integrated janitorial and safety supply company distributing facility and sanitary equipment and supplies to all industries.

We pride ourselves on establishing genuine relationships by taking care of good people. We exclusively distribute in the Southern California area and have our own technicians, drivers, delivery trucks, and warehouse in Bell, CA


Committed to Getting You the

Right Cleaning Supplies

At Unisan, we understand how important it is to keep your staff and guests safe and healthy from one season to the next using consistently high-quality products. Facilities across a wide range of industries have to ensure that their employees are protected while keeping surfaces clean and sanitized. As a full-service online janitorial supply store, we're committed to bringing you the best industrial cleaning supplies that make it easy and affordable to take care of your facility’s needs. 

We bring you everything from cleaners and disinfectants to respiratory protection, hand sanitizers, and gloves. With our expertise as a cleaning products supplier, we can provide you with everything your facility needs at competitive prices with our broad selection of janitorial supplies in Los Angeles, CA.

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Janitorial Cleaning Supplies

Unisan aims to be your one-stop shop for cleaning supplies. Whether you need industrial supplies that will last you for years, food service products that will help you stay up to code, floor matting for your warehouse, or professional cleaning tools for your company’s cleaning staff, Unisan has all the industrial cleaning supplies you need. 

We treat our customers like family. That’s why we offer competitive prices and friendly customer service that you'll love. We're your top choice for janitorial supplies in Los Angeles, CA.


High-Quality Service
You Can Trust

We take pride in being an American company with over 25 years of experience providing high-quality service to our customers and communities all around the Los Angeles County area. We pursue a personal relationship with the companies we do business with. 

You can trust us to get the right janitorial cleaning supplies for all your janitorial needs. Ask about our full range of products from our store including restroom and kitchen equipment, floor care items, custodian carts, or other convenience items. We're happy to answer your questions about all our supplies at Unisan.

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Whether you need industrial cleaning supplies for your workplace, janitorial supplies for your large learning or manufacturing facility, or sanitary products for your medical facility, Unisan is here to help. Let's upgrade your supplies with reliable and safe products from top brands and enjoy great value, personalized service, customized solutions, and industry expertise. 

Ready to place orders? Buy now at your reliable cleaning products supplier online and enjoy fast shipping. If you would like a quote for janitorial cleaning supplies for your facility, get in touch with the pros today. We're here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Unisan, we take pride in delivering reliable janitorial supplies in Los Angeles, CA, as well as the latest cleaning advice. Check out our frequently asked questions below

Why should you choose eco-friendly industrial cleaning supplies?

“Green” cleaning supplies may help minimize the health risks and environmental impacts of your facility’s cleaning activities. These supplies usually use biodegradable or natural ingredients, decrease energy and water consumption, and help your workers avoid certain chemicals. These products may also help enhance your commercial establishment’s air quality.

How frequently should you use janitorial cleaning supplies?

How often you clean your facility will depend on your facility’s size, type, and contamination level. For instance, if you operate a food processing facility, you might have to sanitize your surfaces and equipment daily. Meanwhile, warehouses may not require sweeping and dusting more than once a week.

What industrial cleaning supplies should be used to eliminate bacteria and viruses?

Use any disinfectant that the Environmental Protection Agency has registered to eliminate viruses and bacteria from surfaces. These types of industrial cleaning supplies can help keep viral pathogens at bay because they’re designed to destroy 99.9% of germs that have accumulated on nonporous, hard surfaces.

What are the best practices for using disinfectants?

Before using these types of janitorial supplies in Los Angeles, CA on a surface in your establishment, consider cleaning the surface using water and soap first to get rid of impurities and dirt that might hamper your surface disinfection process. Also, wear gloves to avoid touching the cleaning chemicals, and remember to ventilate the space well.