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Respiratory Protection

Safety Supplies/Respiratory Protection 

Respirators to the Rescue

Our high-quality respiratory masks help prevent liquid and solid aerosols — like dust or paint fumes — from entering your workers’ air passages. They can use our disposable respirators when installing fiberglass or sanding wood. We also have everyday-use disposable face masks to help keep your workers and guests safe during flu season. Use our reusable respirators to help protect against gasses and smoke.

Take advantage of must-have mask features like cooling valves, which allow for more comfortable inhaling and exhaling, as well as pliable nose pieces and easy-to-adjust straps to ensure the perfect fit. We also offer multi- and single-pack masks to suit every customer’s needs.

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At Unisan, we’re excited to be your leading provider of personal protective and facilities equipment. We serve businesses in a wide range of industries, ranging from manufacturing to education. 

With more than 25 years of industry experience, we’ve earned a reputation for having a reliable and trusted inventory and supply chain. We also stand out for our competitive prices and dedication to our client relationships. Your satisfaction is our priority. Always.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose reusable respirators?

Reusable respirators offer numerous benefits, including providing more protection compared with disposable respirators. This respiratory protection option is also more eco-friendly and budget-friendly due to eliminating the need to replace your masks constantly. Workers can customize these respirators to ensure a comfortable fit and disinfect them after wearing them. The main drawbacks of these masks are that they might make communication difficult and cause fatigue when used for extended periods

2. In what situations should you choose disposable respirators over reusable ones?

Employees often use disposable respiratory protection in the manufacturing and construction industries, where airborne particles — like dust or fibers — are common. Workers in healthcare settings also use these masks to protect themselves from infectious diseases like COVID. These respirators should additionally be used in settings where workers are around dangerous materials like silica (a mineral that may cause lung disease), asbestos (a mineral that may cause lung cancer), and lead (a poison that may cause multiple health problems, including kidney damage and cardiovascular issues).

3. Does every workplace need respirators?

OSHA requires workplaces to have respirators if they’re needed to protect employees’ health. These include worksites where welding, cutting, and spray coating are performed. Employers who require their workers to wear respirators also have to create respiratory protection programs that include staff training, medical evaluations, and respirator selection and fit testing.