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Food Service

Food Service 

Stay Stocked and Spotless

At Unisan, we are your go-to source for bulk disposable cups, cutlery, bowls, plates, towels, and food containers for events.

We also have supplies for day-to-day hygiene and prep. Looking for detergents to keep dishes and uniforms clean? Our catering and restaurant bulk supply selection has everything you could ever need. For instance, our rinse aid products promise to give you drinking glasses without those pesky mineral deposits and water spots. And even the toughest grime and grease on aprons is no match for our concentrated laundry detergents. Manage food and food service in your facilities easier than ever with our food service products today.

Why Shop at Unisan?

At Unisan, we distribute quality catering and restaurant bulk supply options to businesses in a number of industries, such as manufacturing, education, medical, hospitality, and many others. With our cleaning supplies, you can keep your facility looking and feeling clean, reduce the likelihood of an infection spreading throughout it, and leave clean scents behind — a triple win.

We are based in sunny Los Angeles and have our own delivery trucks and warehouse in Bell, California. However, we have a network of reliable partners throughout North America for warehousing and deliveries. Reach out to us to find out more about our products and place an order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Unisan the best restaurant bulk supply company?

At Unisan, we stand out for offering quality cleaning supplies and equipment at competitive prices. However, we’ve also earned a reputation for our commitment to our relationships with our clients. When you order supplies from us, you can always expect friendly customer service and a partner that will put your company’s needs first.

2. Why is it important to source commercial restaurant supply items?

Sourcing bulk supplies is important for keeping your eatery stocked up with must-have supplies for your guests and staff. When you choose a reputable bulk supply provider like Unisan, you can expect an efficient, streamlined approach for handling and delivering your orders. That means you can expect consistently timely deliveries. In addition, because we have a vast inventory, you’ll be able to access the products you need anytime you order them.

3. Which restaurant bulk supply products are most in demand?

Popular bulk supplies for catering and restaurants include commercial dishwasher detergent, quaternary sanitizer, compostable food containers, kitchen towels, and paper plates.

4. What types of food service businesses can benefit from bulk supply orders?

Restaurants, including local fast food eateries, food trucks, regional and national food chains, and cafes all rely on bulk supply orders to function efficiently.