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Clinishield Moisturizing Lotion 16oz. Pu

Clinishield Moisturizing Lotion 16oz. Pump Bottle12/cs.

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Clinishield Moisturizing Lotion for Nurses and Surgical Professionals (16oz)

CDC recommends that caregivers periodically use a moisturizing lotion to maintain healthy skin. Nurses with dermatitis on their hands have a greater number of colonizing germ species. Moisturizing hands can help stop the spread of bacteria. This unique lotion offers, not only skin moisturizing and protective properties in one formula but also a very subtle, appealing fragrance.

CliniShield Moisturizing Lotion was demonstrated to not degrade latex gloves in laboratory testing using ASTM Test Methods D 412 and D 624 and the FDA Water Leakage Test. Leading brands of latex gloves, both surgical and examination types, were tested for Tensile Strength and Tear Strength before and after exposure to CliniShield Moisturizing Lotion. Results showed the product does not alter the physical integrity of latex gloves after exposure up to 4 hours.

  • Contains dimethicone and glycerin for added moisturizing
  • Perfect moisturizer for use with latex gloves
  • Soothes Minor Skin Irritations
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin with no oily or greasy residue


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