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Skin Care

Healthy, Wholesome Hands

Because of current concerns about the spread of infectious disease, quality industrial hand cleaners are perfect for your business setting. These cleaners prevent germs from spreading—and this includes germs that are antibiotic-resistant and difficult to treat. This will ultimately help you to create a healthier, happier workplace for your employees. And it will also show your customers/guests that you truly care about their health and wellbeing.

At Unisan, we offer a variety of commercial hand cleaners that are perfect for washing away all dirt, grime, and grease. Our cleaners are environmentally friendly and feature moisturizers to further protect your skin against the elements. They’re also made to perfectly fit any standard soap dispenser in your facility’s restrooms.

Superior Supply Solutions

At Unisan, we are your premier provider of cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment. We are based in Los Angeles, but we can deliver anywhere in the United States, as we maintain a network of partners across North America for both client deliveries and warehousing.

Since 1993, we have stood out in the industry for our dependable and economical products. However, we have also made a name for ourselves in the area of customer service. That’s because we always pursue relationships with our customers, not just transactions.

Have a question about one of our products? Ask away by calling us at (310) 410-5000 or emailing us at Let’s upgrade your supplies today!