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24" x 30" Clean Stride Mat Adhesive Inse

24" x 30" Clean Stride Mat Adhesive Inse

Item #: UN412

Product Info

Clean Stride Mat Adhesive Insert 24 X 30

Great for factories, computer rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, health care facilities and more

  • Comprised of 60 layers of adhesive-coated film in order to trap and remove dirt effectively. Layers are designed to perform many times before they must be peeled away.
  • Each layer is numbered to help ensure single-sheet removal.
  • Not recommended for wet areas.
  • As foot traffic passes over the mat, the Waterhog surface scrapes larger particles while the adhesive insert captures smaller dust and dirt. With two footsteps on Clean Stride adhesive insert, over 90% of dirt particles are removed.


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