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AMTC Sensor Retrofit for Sloan – 1.0gpf

AMTC Sensor Retrofit for Sloan – 1.0gpf

Item #: AEF-801-RU-S-10

Product Info

AMTC Automatic Hybrid Flush, 1gal Sloan Urinal Retrofit

The HYBRIDFLUSH is a revolutionary full-featured automatic/manualflushometer. The HYBRIDFLUSH incorporates a unique patentedmechanism that allows for automatic/manual operation for unsurpassedreliability. The patented HYBRIDFLUSH design allows for a pushbutton to be used as an alternate flush option that is independent of thebattery power. The HYBRIDFLUSH by Advanced Modern TechnologiesCorporation is the most efficient, economical, and complete automaticflush valve system on the market.


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