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AMTC Hybridflo Automatic Faucet-2.2"Base

AMTC Hybridflo Automatic Faucet-2.2"Base

Item #: AEF-300T

Product Info

AMTC HYBRIDFLO® Automatic Faucet, Chrome Plated Brass Fixture 2.5

The HYBRIDFLO Automatic Faucet System incorporates patented BRV technology with a state of the art high quality gear motor drive mechanism. By using a gear motor instead of a solenoid, the HYBRIDFLO Automatic Faucet System achieves a level of reliability rarely experienced with other automatic faucet systems. The spout of the faucet is built of high quality solid brass. The design of the control box allows for easy installation and conceals all mechanical and electrical components. An easy to clean filter assures easy maintenance, long life, and ultimate performance.

  • Sensor Operated
  • Gear Motor Driven
  • Chrome Plated Brass
  • Automatic Faucet System For Tempered or Hot/Cold Water Operation


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