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Urimat MB Active Biodegradable Urinal Cubes, 75/cs

Item #: 80.204

Product Info

Urimat Bulk MB Active Replacement Urinal Cubes (Bucket of 75 pieces)

The integrated MB-Active Cube reduces organic deposits in the odor trap and waste pipe. This bucket contains 75 bidegradable MB active cube replacement pieces. Replacing cubes in a timely manner is beneficial for wastepipes and siphon lifespan. One URIMAT MB-Active cube lasts for 2,000 uses. After decomposition of the MB-Active Cube the red surface underneath the transparent cover indicates that the MB-Active Trap must be replaced.

  • Biodegradeable
  • 2,000 uses
  • Suitable for URIMAT Ceramic
  • Integrated MB-Active Cube as lifecycle indicator

This item has been discontinued. Check out the replacement product page Click Here


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