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MB Active 1 Liter Urinal Cleaner 20:1 Di

MB Active 1 Liter Urinal Cleaner 20:1 Dilution, Includes Trigger Sprayer Bottle 3/cs

Item #: 80.002

Product Info

Urimat 20:1 Concentrated MicroBiological (MB) ActiveCleaner for Cleaning Organic Substances (1 Liter)

PH-neutral, biological and sustainable the MicroBiological MB ActiveCleaner is the perfect accompaniment to URIMAT waterless urinals. It not only prevents 'bad bacteria' from developing, but it also contains special biological ingredients, which gently treat the bowl's surface.

MB ActiveCleaner is supplied as a concentrate which is diluted 1:20 with water before use which makes it very economical. At 1:20, this item produces 80 litres of cleaner which makes it very economical to use.

Dermatologically tested for skin-friendliness and found to be “very good”, MB-ActiveCleaner eliminates the bad odors caused when organic matter decomposes. It is particularly well suited for maintenance cleaning and odor elimination in heavily used washroom and sanitary facilities.

MB-ActiveCleaner contains micro-organisms that penetrate and destroy odors caused by organic residues, leaving a pleasant and lasting freshness. Used daily, it prevents odors from developing. By delaying resoiling, MB-ActiveCleaner makes an active contribution to value retention in all environments.

Useful for cleaning a variety of surfaces:

  • Waste containers and refuse collection stations
  • Washrooms and showers
  • Façades, passages and stairwells
  • Floors, carpets, etc.
  • Toilets and sanitary facilities

UOM : CS (12 BX)

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