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Untouchable With Srt Floor Finish

Untouchable With Srt Floor Finish, 4 - 1 Gal. Bottles

Item #: 6060400

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Betco Untouchable Black Mark Resistant Unscented Floor Cleaner with SRT Floor Finish, 1-Gallon (Pack Of 4)

Betco’s UNTOUCHABLE with Scuff Resistant Technology (SRT) is a low-odor, black-heel-mark-resistant ?oor ?nish that is an exceptional choice for those who want the highest gloss and wear with the least amount of labor. One coat of this metal crosslinked polymer ?nish does the job of two coats of an ordinary ?nish. UNTOUCHABLE with SRT is non-scuf?ng, durable, detergent-resistant, and maintains its high gloss with minimal burnishing, a real labor saver. Suitable for use on all ?oors, this ?nish performs exceptionally well with either spray buf?ng or high speed buf?ng. Its excellent leveling properties and low odor makes it easy to apply.

  • Use to give your floors a glossy finish. Suitable for use on almost all floors.
  • Ideal to use with a spray or high-speed buffer. Scuff-Resistant Technology (SRT) helps keep your floors safe from black heel marks and detergents.
  • Self-sealing, leveling design helps reduce maintenance.
  • Low-odor formula.


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