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10" Truck Wash Brush, Green Nylon

10" Truck Wash Brush, Green Nylon

Item #: 492350

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9" Wash Brush – Green Polyester (soft)

This professional's choice, premium-quality, vehicle wash brush with a durable polypropylene brush block is ideal for vehicle maintenance. Typical applications include use on car, boat, and truck. High performance extra soft green, x-shaped polyester bristle fill material enhances the ability of the bristles to carry soap and water. This lightweight x-shaped polyester fill helps reduce brush weight and does not soften in water unlike Nylon bristles. This brush is designed with an oval shaped block and a rubber bumper to protect delicate surfaces.The brush block has one threaded and one tapered hole that requires either flow-thru handle #M194800 or an ACME threaded handle if flow-thru capability is not needed, or can be hand-held.


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