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Sentec Autumn Uprising Concentrate

Sentec Autumn Uprising Concentrate, 2 - 2 L Fast Draw

Item #: 4110B200

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Sentec Autumn Uprising Concentrate, 2 - 2 L Fast Draw

There’s nothing that ruins a first impression faster than a bad smell. Malodors can cause people to have strong negative perceptions of your facility, and even make assumptions about its state of cleanliness or safety. SenTec from Betco is a powerful dual malodor counteractant program that first neutralizes odors at the molecular level and then replaces them with invigorating scents of the outdoors. SenTec is not a masking agent or a coverup—it’s odor elimination at its finest.

  • Unique dual malodor counteractant technology
  • Replaces odors with uplifting outdoor scents
  • Effective against all types of odors
  • Meets and exceeds state of California VOC content requirements
  • Ideal for all types of facilities


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