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Clear Image Non-Ammoniated Glass & Surfa

Clear Image Non-Ammoniated Glass & Surface Concentrate

Item #: 1994700

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Betco FastDraw 5 Clear Image Glass Cleaner (2-liter)

Specially formulated for fast, effective cleaning of glass surfaces, this product incorporates powerful anti-static agents that repel dust and prevent static build-up. Cleans and polishes glass without scratching, streaking, fogging or clouding, and evaporates quickly and completely. Formulated without ammonia, this product is pleasant to use, will not harm hard surfaces and protects against resoiling. The rich, stable foam clings to vertical surfaces for fast, easy cleaning. It is the perfect product for mirrors and glass surfaces. Blue color. Grape fragrance. This 2 liter product works with the FastDraw chemical dilution system. The bottles contain two metering tips that dispense at a low flow rate for quarts and a higher flow rate for buckets. Tips also insure the right chemical dilution for proper and effective cleaning while reducing cost per use. Curved siphon tubes inside each bottle eliminate waste by insuring complete product evacuation. Sealed spill proof bottles eliminate potential chemical contact with cleaning staff. Bottles are color coded and numbered (#5 in this case) for easy chemical selection and training. Bottles include NAFTA tri-lingual labels for multi-cultural work forces. 4 2 liters/carton. General Information Manufacturer: Betco Corporation

  • Concentrate yields 136 Gallons of ready to use solution per case.
  • No ammonia odor, cleans and polishes glass and plastics.
  • No scratching, streaking, fogging and clouding.
  • Convenient and economical, low end use cost per gallon.
  • Safe to use on plexiglas and tinted windows.


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