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Unicide128 Disinfectant, 2.5gal 2/cs

Unicide 128 Disinfectant Cleaner, 2.5gal 2/cs

Item #: 161057-07

Product Info

Acromat UniCide 128 Concentrated Non-Alkaline Disinfectant with Uniquely Broad Range Germicidal Activity, Four (4) 1 gal, 4/cs.

Unique non-alkaline disinfectant 6-in-1 cleaner (1:128) w/broad range germicidal activity. EPA Reg. No. 106-72. USDA: C1; HBV effective.

  • Sassafras odor
  • Dilution Range (product/water): 1.128
  • USDA A1 rating

Formerly known as Maxima 128


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