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Brulin Diamond Solitaire RTU 1gal 4/cs

Brulin Diamond Solitaire RTU 1gal 4/cs

Item #: 111006-04

Product Info

Diamond Solitaire RTU Ultra-High Speed (UHS) Spray Buff Terrazzo Revitalizer

  • Ready-To-Use
  • Revitalizes gloss
  • Eliminates scrub and recoats required
  • Helps protect terrazzo from staining

Diamond Solitaire is used for the periodic burnishing of mechanically-polished concrete floors. Eliminates uneven wear patterns & edge build-up from heavy traffic over time. Ultra-High Speed (UHS) procedure eliminates the need for scrub & recoats.

Revitalizes gloss back to, or beyond, the original level. Removes excessive, scuff, wear, and scratch marks on the floor, providing a uniform gloss throughout the facility.


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