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Spotlight Floor Finish 2.5gal 2/cs

Spotlight Floor Finish 2.5gal 2/cs

Item #: 101008-07

Product Info

Brulin Spotlight UHS Semi-Frequent Maintenance Floor Finish (5 gallons)

Our most flexible UHS finish – contractors prefer the durability. Reduces burnishing days, while maintaining a retail durable high gloss. Builds an immediate shine when used as directed. Excellent scuff resistance greatly reduces maintenance labor. High-traffic durability considerably extends scrub and strip cycle. UHS flexibility significantly reduces UHS powdering. Uses: • B-25 Program – Semi-Frequent Maintenance (Weekly Burnishing: 2 - 5 Times) • May be used for Infrequent (B-1) to Frequent Maintenance (B-67)

  • Superior UHS Gloss – – Builds Immediate Shine
  • High-Traffic Durability – Considerably Extends Scrub and Strip Cycle
  • Excellent Scuff Resistance – Greatly Reduces Maintenance Labor
  • UHS Flexibility – Significantly Decreases UHS Powdering


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