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24oz Plastic Sprayer Bottle 1/ea

24oz Plastic Sprayer Bottle 1/ea

Item #: UNS24

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Alternate Part #:BWK00024

24 Oz Commercial Strength Sprayer Bottles

Faulty Spray Bottles are such a Drip (Literally) Life is complicated enough without having to worry about purchasing a faulty spray bottle, right? Spray bottles have never really received the praise that they deserve. But when you think about it, these lightweight plastic beauties are everywhere, in every home, business, school, kitchen, and backyard barbeque. They are used in practically every private and commercial industry around today, including maintenance, food preparation, horticulture, grooming, cosmetology, and many others. Our commercial strength spray bottles are chemically-resistant to safely hold 24 fluid ounces of water, oils, and chemical solutions. The fully adjustable nozzle can be consistently sprayed at any angle without clogging or leaking. It features a 30% greater output per stroke compared to similarly priced models. A simple adjustment of the nozzle switches the spray output setting from a mist to a stream for added convenience. Each bottle's label comes with a helpful bilingual (Spanish and English) check-off grid and safety information chart. This way you and everyone else will know what exactly is inside the bottle and how it should be properly used and stored.

  • Commercial strength plastic spray bottle that is chemically resistant, FDA-compliant

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