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HiFlo™ nLite® HiMod Carbon Extension Pole, 11’/3.4m

Item #: UC35G

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HiFlo™ nLite® HiMod Carbon Poles

Pure water is the fastest and most efficient way to clean outdoor glass surfaces. The lightweight and rigid nLite Carbon water cleaning poles keep workers stay safe on the ground. Reach heights up to 65 feet! Once retracted, carrying and storing the nLite pole is simple and convenient. Take advantage of modern technology to get your windows spotless today!

  • The ultimate in rigidity, super-light water cleaning pole
  • Strength of material: 180 GPa (gigapascal)
  • Yellow visual warning area to avoid unintentional separation
  • By attaching the appropriate Unger adapter, dusting and bulb changing tools can be added to expand the cleaning performance of nLite poles!


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