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Premiere Medium-Duty Green/Yellow Scrub

Premiere Medium-Duty Green/Yellow Scrub Sponge 20/cs

Item #: PAD174

Product Info

The Premiere Medium-Duty Absorbent Sponge

Like most cleaning equipment and accessories, your priority is to find sponges that can handle the wear and tear of commercial environments. That’s where these Premiere Pads come in. These green and yellow scrub sponges are perfect for use cases where both abrasion and absorption are needed.

Take advantage of our reliable and trusted inventory and supply chain to get you sponges that are consistent quality. Our competitive prices also keep your bills down while keeping your workplace clean. Resupply with what you need at Unisan.

Effective and Durable

As a medium-duty sponge, it treads a middle ground between heavy scour pads and soft sponges. However, it is still equally effective for deep cleaning and removing persistent marks and stains.

The absorbent sponge is made of cellulose on one side and a nylon scrub pad on the other. The soft cellulose part is perfect for retaining cleaning agents and absorbing grime while wiping down hard non-porous surfaces, like ceramic, tile, and porcelain. Its versatility makes it an absolute necessity for every janitorial supply inventory.

Dedicated to Our Customers

Unisan has been committed to the hygiene and cleanness of our clients’ facilities since 1993. That’s why we provide industry-leading products at competitive prices. We get your orders to you through either our independently-owned and managed shipping team in Southern California, or through our distribution partners across North America. 

This green and yellow absorbent sponge is only one of the many cleaning tools you can find in our inventory. Contact our experts to order these yellow scrub sponges or other Unisan products.


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