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AquaDozer® Heavy Duty Straight Floor Squ

AquaDozer® Heavy Duty Straight Floor Squeegee, 18"/45cm

Item #: FP450

Product Info

Aquadozer Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee, 18 Inch Blade, Green/Black Rubber, Straight

  • All-purpose squeegees handle the toughest jobs.
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  • Rugged painted frame and cast zinc socket.
  • For use in moving large volumes of water, mud, debris, waste, scraps, slush or snow and flood clean-up.
  • Great for construction sites, plants, factories, large commercial areas, loading docks, agricultural, food processing, arenas, outdoor areas and around large drains.
  • Use on coated and uncoated smooth concrete floors, asphalt and other smooth surfaces.
  • Replaceable rubber blade.


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