Clea Degreaser 3/64oz

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Clea's Degreaser Cleaner is a heavy-duty industrial cleaner. It is a super-concentrated, industrial strength degreaser with amazing cleaning strength - removes industrial grease and oil, food area greases, rubber marks, carbonized soil and smoke damage. Clea's Degreaser Cleaner cleans warehouse floors, equipment, aircraft exteriors and most industrial surfaces not harmed by water. This cleaner contains no solvents, no butyl, no acid, and no free caustic and is nonflammable, making it a greener option than conventional heavy duty industrial cleaners. (64oz, 3/cs)

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Clea Portable Dilution Unit for Clea Degreaser
Clea Filling Station, Dilution Control Mixing Center
Clea Chemical Wire Rack
Clea Portable Dilution Unit Starter Kit, Hose & Quick Connect
Clea Heavy Duty All Purpose Degreaser, USDA1, 1gal, 4/cs
Clea Degreaser 55gal
Clea Degreaser #7 Secondary Label

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