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Inside Rinse Pipe Assembly for Hobart

Item #: BC4306

Product Info

Solid Performance, HD Dish Machine Detergent, 4X8lbs/cs

SOLID PERFORMANCE removes heavy food soils fast and effectively, strips stains off dishes and cuts coffee stains on contact. This highly active, powerful detergent provides lower use cost and superior effectiveness in hard water resulting in clear, spot-free dishware.

  • 100% Active Raw Materials – No Fillers Added
  • Designed for Use in any Low-Temp or High-Temp Machine
  • Contains “D-6,” an Exclusive Defoaming Surfactant that Enhances Cleaning and Significantly Improves Mechanical Action in any Dishwasher
  • State-Of-The Art Dispensing System Maintains a Constant Detergent Level, Eliminating Over Use and Reducing Rewash
  • Product is kosher year-round, excluding Passover


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