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Freezer Floor Cleaner, 1gal, 4/cs

Item #: BC4290

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Freezer Floor Cleaner, 1gal, 4/cs

Freezer Floor Cleaner is a heavy-duty formula designed to clean floors, walls and equipment in sub-freezing cold storage and freezer areas without the need for defrosting. A unique solvent-detergent blend, Freezer Floor Cleaner, contains solvents to depress the freezing point and cut grease as well as detergents to emulsify and penetrate surface soils.

  • FREEZER FLOOR CLEANER is designed to remove grease, food soils, black tire marks and ice in frozen food lockers, even at below freezing temperatures.
  • Removes soils down to 20 below zero
  • Melts ice build-up
  • Not flammable


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