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Misty Mango Dry Deodorizer 7oz 12/cs

Misty Mango Dry Deodorizer 7oz 12/cs

Item #: AMRA213-12-MA

Product Info

Misty Mango Dry Deodorizer 7oz 12/cs

This product is a premium air freshener with a dual odor counteractant system. Quickly eliminates foul odors leaving a light pleasant scent that freshens the air and effectively neutralizes smoke, organic decay and more. Ultra fine particulate spray spreads evenly treating large areas in seconds without fall-out or staining. CARB and OTC VOC compliant and contains no ozone depleting materials. This product combines quality fragrances and essential oils with state of the art odor counteractants. Treats up to 6000 cu ft in high occupancy areas. Universal "Tip" actuator. Can Size: 12.

  • Capacity (Volume): 7 oz
  • ry spray contains no ozone depleting compounds and less than 30% total VOC content
  • Scent: Mango;


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