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HYBRIDFLUSH® Retrofit Conversion Kit For

Item #: AEF-801-RS-S-16

Product Info

AMTC Automatic Hybrid Flush, 1.6gal Sloan Toilet Retrofit

AMTC offers the HYBRIDFLUSH Model AEF-801 for urinals and toilets. The HYBRIDFLUSH incorporates AMTC's AXIO Touch-Free Technology including the patented BRVÂ mechanism. Proprietary brass cam gear technology replaces the highly unreliable solenoid mechanisms. The design of the HYBRIDFLUSH allows for the original flushometer handle or a push button to function as an alternate "mechanical" flush option that always works. The unit is powered by 4-AA batteries (no water shut-off required when replacing). The system includes water saving features, an adjustable sensor angle, and is equipped with a durable chrome metal outer casing to prevent vandalism. The features and the overall reliability of AMTC's HYBRIDFLUSH make it the most advanced and reliable flushing system available.

  • Reliable Patented All Metal-Gear Motor Drive Mechanism
  • Battery Powered
  • Quiet Operation
  • Retrofit Conversion kit for Exposed Urinal Flushometers


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