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Tall Fold Dispenser Napkins, 20/500's

Tall Fold Dispenser Napkins, 20/500's, 10000/cs

Item #: 803401

Product Info

10,000 OPTIMA 1-ply WHITE Dispenser Napkins, 20 packs of 500 napkins ( -7X13.5)

These refill napkins are designed to fit in a standard tall fold napkin dispenser. Keep fresh napkins handy and clean to encourage a clean and hospitable environment. These are acceptable for home and office use. Each napkin is 7.5 x 13.5 folded and ideally belong in a standard dispenser. These napkin should function just fine in any dispenser that allows them to lay flat, with a commensurate dispensing slit.

  • White, 1-ply napkins
  • No moving parts, means no maintenance
  • 500 per box
  • 20 boxes


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