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Dubl-Serv Side-by-Side Bath Tissue Dispe

Dubl-Serv Side-by-Side Bath Tissue Dispenser, Black

Item #: 80200

Product Info

Tork Twin OptiCore Dispensing Bath Tissue Roll Dispenser for Controlled Use (DublServ)

The DublServ side-by-side tissue dispensing system holds two rolls of patented OptiCore tissue. With a controlled use design, the DublServ dispensing system reduces waste and cost by ensuring each roll is completely utilized before the next roll is accessible. The DublServ side-by-side features a locking cover to prevent product pilferage.

  • Sleek, contemporary styling
  • Paper Towel Dispenser
  • Accommodates OptiCore tissue products in DublSoft, DublNature and EcoSoft brands
Provides complete use of each roll before advancing to the next saving waste


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