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Pacific Blue Mechanical Paper Towel Disp

Pacific Blue Mechanical Paper Towel Disp

Item #: 59589

Product Info

No-Touch Sofpull Pull Down Papertowel Dispenser for Controlled Use

This dispenser delivers a single towel, saving the cost, the mess and the waste associated with traditional folded towels. Soft, high-quality towels are 1000’ on a roll for a level of efficiency folded towels just can't match. This towel dispenser is a perfect choice for all offices who desire a quick, convenient hand drying that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Hygienic- No buttons, levers or cranks helps improve hygiene by eliminating touch points
  • High Capacity- Dispenses 1000 foot primary roll plus stub roll for efficiency and reduced maintenance time versus folded towels
  • Portion control- Dispenses one 11 inch towel to help lower cost-in-use
  • Features a stub roll transfer to help minimize run out
  • Emergency feed wheel helps ensure dispensing if towel is not present


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