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32 oz Trigger Sprayer

32 Oz Trigger Spray Nozzle

Item #: 550610

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32 Oz Trigger Spray Nozzle

This red and white plastic trigger sprayer is dependable and simple. It features:

  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Pick-up tube length 9-7/8 inches
  • 28/400 mm thread finish
  • 1.0 ml output

With an ergonomic trigger and both jet and wide spray settings, this sprayer is everything you need for cleaning chemical surface spraying.

Reliable Cleaning Tools

When you need trigger spray nozzles, dust cloths, scouring sticks, and more, Unisan’s selection of cleaning tools and accessories has it all. We offer the premium supplies your facility needs at competitive prices.

When it’s time to resupply your cleaning chemicals, explore our inventory of industry-leading brands. We also offer other cleaning tools and accessories, like mops, push brooms, and microfiber tools. Unisan makes sure your workplace is fully equipped to keep it hygienic, presentable, and safe.

Dedicated to Your Company

Our plastic trigger sprayers are just one of the products we have in our selection to make your cleaning experience more convenient. Our entire mission is built around doing so. Since 1993, Unisan has been helping businesses keep their facilities clean efficiently through our great prices and reliable inventory and supply chain.

Get in touch with pros today to learn more or put in an order for this trigger spray nozzle. Our team will be happy to help get it to you through our delivery system in Southern California or through our network of distribution locations across the US. No matter what you need, Unisan has your back!



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