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Clea Neatseat Seatcovers, 125/pk, 20/cs

Clea Neatseat Seatcovers

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Clea Neat Seat 2,500 Toilet Seat Covers (20 Packs of Covers, 125 per pack)

Infections like E. coli and staph can be passed by contact with public toilet seats. The layer of protection disposable toilet seat covers offer provide peace of mind and help reduce the spread of germs. Get toilet seat covers in bulk and use them with dispensers for easy accessibility. Store bulk packages in closets and storerooms so you can refill the restroom whenever needed.

  • Individually dispensed, for controlled use
  • Biodegradable covers limit risk of toilet clogging
  • 20 Packs of Covers
  • 125 per pack

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NeatSeat Toilet Seat Dispenser Black
Cleá Neatseat® Toilet Seat Dispenser White

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