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Eco Trap Insert for Waterless No-Flush U

Eco Trap Insert for Waterless No-Flush Urinals

Item #: 3001

Product Info

Waterless Urinal Eco-Trap Odor Reducing Fragrance insert for BlueSeal liquid

The conventional water-filled urinal trap is replaced by a disposable EcoTrap inserted in the urinal drain outlet of our urinals. It holds a layer of the proprietary immiscible BlueSeal liquid, floating on top of a urine layer. The combination of our EcoTrap and the covering BlueSeal blocks out sewer gases and urine odors from the restroom. A 3 oz. dose of BlueSeal lasts up to 1500 uses, replacing from 1000 and up to 4500 gal. of quality potable flush water at each fill.

  • Press fit insert
  • 360 degree opening
  • Vertical trap arrangement for adequate flow through
  • Cost effective and recyclable


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