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ElimO Citrus 12 qt/cs

ElimO Citrus 12 qt/cs

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Greenway Elimo Citrus Scented All Purpose, Fabric Safe Odor Removal, 12 QT/Case

It's not just an air freshener. Air fresheners are designed to cover up an unpleasant smell with a nicer fragrance, but as you've probably discovered, they just don't work very well. And simply cleaning an area doesn't remove odor molecules, which exist in the air and are trapped in fabrics and porous materials. Originally formulated to neutralise tough hospital odors, ElimO is an environmentally friendly product that actually counteracts bad smells by bonding with odor molecules and changing their structure. ElimO is sold as a concentrated liquid that can be sprayed directly on pets, furniture, auto seats, and other places where odors have settled. It can also be mixed with water or cleaning solutions for hospital, household, or industrial uses.

  • Add to carpet cleaning solution to get ride of odors trapped in carpet fibers
  • Add to laundry rinse cycle for fresh-smelling clothes and linens
  • Mist on bedpans, portable toilets, and other hospital or home healthcare supplies
  • ElimO can be sprayed directly from the bottle or mixed with water or cleaning solutions. Here are just a few of its many uses:
  • 12 qt/ cs

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