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24" Wire Center- Tampico & Horsehair Bro

24" Wire Center- Tampico & Horsehair Broom, 3-1/4 Bristle

Item #: 217240

Product Info

24" Tampico and Horsehair Broom with Wire Center for Superior Sweeping Power

This mixed material broom takes care of every unexpected sweeping challenge. The patented tampico and horsehair border keeps dust from rising into the air. Meanwhile, the center row of steel wire moves paper, metal and scraps which other brushes miss.

Horse Hair is a durable hair that is soft to slightly stiff, used for scratch-free dry brushing and polishing. Unfortunately, it cannot withstand extreme pH acids or alkalis. Furthermore, it is only heat tolerant to 370 degreeF.

Ideal for difficult sweeping situations. Use extremely strong, long-lasting wood and steel handles with Speed Sweep 3/8" stud.

  • Trim Length: 3-1/4"
  • Size: 24"


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