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EnviroSeal Elastomer Trap Urinal Cartrid

EnviroSeal Elastomer Trap Urinal Cartridge, fits Falcon-Sloan, White

Item #: 2002-W

Product Info

Waterless Urinal Cartridge System by P?rleve (ZeroFlush 2002-W EnviroSeal Elastomer )

EnviroSeal Elastomer Trap Urinal Cartridge is a new technology in waterless urinals called Enviroseal. This new Dry Cartridge system eliminates the need for oil or chemicals to block the odors from uric salts, calcium and sewer gas build-up. It is a totally green system that is enhanced by the use of the BioPur Enzyme and Deodorant Block Kit. The BioPur Block is designed to break down uric salts and calcium build-up and keep the drains clean and odor free.

  • Blocks odors for up to 6 months
  • For waterless urnals
  • Uses advanced memory rubber
  • Improves hygiene and sanitation
  • Eliminates the need for special cleaners or barrier oil


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