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Citrus Chisel Non-Butyl Cleaner & Degrea

Citrus Chisel Non-Butyl Cleaner & Degreaser, 4 - 2 L Fast Draw

Item #: 1674700

Product Info

Betco Citrus Chisel Non-Butyl Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser, Four (4) 2-liter bottles per carton

The superior performance of this concentrated non-butyl cleaner/degreaser is provided by a synergistic mixture of natural citrus solvents and a totally unique surfactant system. This formula is nonflammable, yet it will out-clean most solvent cleaners. Excellent for nearly any cleaning task from factory to kitchen, it is concentrated for economy and environmental benefit. Deodorizes instantly as it cleans, imparting a fresh scent of citrus. Emulsifies and holds heavy grease, oil and animal fats into solution for easy and quick removal. Moderate foaming. Orange color. This 2 liter product works with the FastDraw chemical dilution system. The bottles contain two metering tips that dispense at a low flow rate for quarts and a higher flow rate for buckets. Tips also insure the right chemical dilution for proper and effective cleaning while reducing cost per use. Curved siphon tubes inside each bottle eliminate waste by insuring complete product evacuation. Sealed spill proof bottles eliminate potential chemical contact with cleaning staff. Bottles are color coded and numbered (#10 in this case) for easy chemical selection and training. Bottles include NAFTA tri-lingual labels for multi-cultural work forces. Four (4) 2 liter bottles/carton. General Information Manufacturer: Betco Corporation

  • Quickly emulsifies soils and greases
  • Use with auto scrubbers, mop buckets, and wiping applications
  • pH: 13.0–14.0
  • Multi-surface use
  • Dilute 1.5–6 ounces per gallon of water


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